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Quote: Originally Posted by hazkep View Post
2-pieces: same
4-pieces: Reduces the cooldown of Recuperative Nanotech or Kolto Cloud by 3 seconds. (old 6 pieces)
6-pieces: Each critical hit of Kolto Waves during its duration has a 30% chance to grant mini Kolto Probe on affected target healing the same amount as normal Kolto Probe per tick, but for half duration (9 seconds). Stacks with normal Kolto Probes (and doesn't refresh duration of existing Kolto Probe), cannot affect any target more than once.
The 6piece you're suggesting will make our hps even higher, which we really don't need, something that helps with burst dps would be much nicer. Maybe they could move the insta crit from the 2piece to stim boost, so we can actually control when we want the burst, at the cost of a longer cooldown. I also like the idea of making Kolto Probe leave a residue when it finishes which will give the person 2 stacks of Kolto Probes when you Kolto probe him, that would be really nice, since we would still be able to burst heal someone even if he lost his 2 stacks of kolto probes.