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As a classical tank (not a skank) which stats are best? Starting out I'm just spreading my points over absorb, shield, defense and endurance. Are there any particular levels to reach, like is it still important to keep accuracy at 110%? Is there a certain amount of absorb, shield and defense that caps out like that?
Exact numbers will depend on class, in general defense is near-asumptote range anyway, so go for b mods (lethal even is fine here, the defense is that near-asumptote). As a tank you get 110% accuracy from stance, so no need to carry it gear wise.

So the big balancing is between shield and absorb. Exact numbers depend on class, for my guardian i personally go with def > shield > absorb, but as i mentioned, def is well within asymptote-realm (going from 2k def to 3k def gives you like 4% def chance... yay (not really)). For shield/absorb i just try to keep them as close as possible, slightly favoring shield.

I do recommend going for the lethal b mods as the power is far more useful to you than the extra 4% def chance. (Power is aggro after all). I run the bastion/ bulwark enhancements (i think thats what theyre called, the high endurance, high shield aborb low def ones).