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with one of the main GSF Devs having espoused his love of the Bomber on video, as his favorite ship, i doubt very seriously that we will ever see anything get any kind of advantage over the bomber... nor will it ever take a hit from the Nerf Bat, sadly...
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Also, to address a concern higher up in the posting, I'm confident that Chris and the development team at Austin can put away their personal preferences to address what is being cogently, thoughtfully, and without emotional import referred to them as a potential problem.
I respect Chris and what he has helped create too much to assume he'd intentionally turn a blind eye because of any personal class favoritism.

Also, the general impression I got from the stream was that Chris favors support roles and objective play, and at the time Bombers best fit that preference.

But the Bomber we're discussing here (Seismic/Interdiction) is not a support class. It is built for direct ship-killing offense and individual durability. It doesn't have Repair Drone, Shield Projector or Hyperspace Beacon, as taking any one of those would mean it could not have the same offensive and individual defensive potential. Instead it's a one-man node-taker in which I can routinely rack up 15+ kills, not to mention dozens of assists.

And ironically, this ship, more than any other, is the one that is so good at objective control that it disturbs the balance of Domination (the objective mode), but is not that useful in Deathmatch.

Right now TDM is actually quite well balanced--all ship types can perform well. I would think Chris would want the same to be true of Domination.
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