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I realize that the traditional scout approach to sat circlers has been to swoop around the sat in close range high speed pursuit. However, unless you are trying to maximize the sex appeal of your flight pattern to barn swallows, that has never been the best solution to sat humpers except on C in Lost Shipyards.

The effective way to clobber sat circlers is to take two or more ships with medium or long range weapons, and do a pincher maneuver in the vertical plane. Do it correctly, and the sat circler will always be in the field of fire of either the top side group or bottom side group of your sat clearing team. Fin weaving can still make missile locks a pain, but it doesn't do much good against blasters and railguns.

Mind you, I'm not disputing that it's a disproportionately large pain in the rear to dislodge a swarm of minelayers, but with C at Lost Shipyards a possible exception, some of you have been exaggerating the impossibility of doing it with anything other than an equal swarm of minelayers. Maybe even exaggerating the difficulty.

As far as the lack of oomph from the anti-mine components, I'd fully agree that they could use a buff. Standoff range and length of effect seem to be the most common requests. Not sure that lingering effects would be easy to work out balance wise though. I'd start with a hefty buff to range/radius, say 10-30% and then work from there.

"Damn the torpedoes. ... go ahead. ... full speed.", has never been a particularly wise approach to dealing with minefields for those that are explosion averse. They are supposed to hurt if you fly into them.

As a primarily strike fighter pilot I sort of feel like scouts and gunships 'normal' flying styles aren't well suited to dealing with mined sats. Basically, I've been going vertical on humped sats since about a week after early access for subscribers started, so I don't normally run into mines on my strikes. Hop, in my scouts, and it does happen, but it happens 'cause I'm derping along in scout mode rather than flying intelligently. Usually kissing a mine or two is enough to wake me up and start thinking again, at which point they're no longer a problem.
I'm quite familiar with Strikes who think they can dislodge my Razorwire by flying above/below. Know what I do to them? Pivot down for a moment, power up Overcharged Shields, and open up on them with my HLC. As they hit me, I dump engine power into shields.

Unless they are using Directional, a Large Reactor, Power to Shields crew passive, and have their shields angled forward, I have far more shields than they do, and I replenish several hundred every 6 seconds using my engine energy. I'm also far less exposed to other enemy fire than they are. Most likely, I will win.

And if they don't have a buddy on the other side of the satellite, then I won't even bother engaging--I'll just flip sides.

Time is victory in Domination. As long as a Bomber can delay delay delay, it is winning. It holds the node for longer, and it gives its allies more time to come to its aid. And as long as it takes 2+ pilots with skill and coordination in one ship to counter 1 Bomber flying in derp-mode, Bombers will always have the advantage.
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