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engineering is not easy thats why your damage is low.
get better or switch to mm its easier
Engineering is lower by a lot than others ... but .... engineering is so far above the other two in tankiness and shutting down healers it's not funny .. and staying in the fight longer ... dps charts mean jack **** in most pvp maps to a degree ... a well played sniper for instance in close onjective matches will be busy traveling to various points to helpthe team win thus losing out on lots of "dps" but exponentially helping the team to better win ...

Any goofy 1v1 mindsetter can mindless spam dps with a good healer but if it's not helping take objectives then it's a waste of time

I can't tell you how many times I've shut down enemy healers me been the made node capper or defender for clutch wins but receive no recognition in MVP votes because people just award whomever is close to top, a healer ( win or lose), or their buddy ... the little things like capping, shutting healers down, running back and forth to carry 1v1 mindset players will never show up in end of match medals, dps, etc ...

I am always paying attention to who is actually helping with the objectives and who is just pew pew ... pew pew never gets my votes

Tldr.... don't chase dps numbers as a engineering / sab spec ... use your skill set to win matches and you'll be in the middle of the pack... but you will know you were actually the glue that held the win together even though most are to blinded by the dps chase to even notice