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I need to see how the story ends before I can really say if I loved or hated it. The first nine chapters were excellent, after that it's been a real up and down kind of ride.

All this talk about a new path of the Force has been very confusing. The Knights I latched onto the idea quickly enough, and thought it was neat, as they were kind of like the Sorcerer-Kings and their followers from Dark Sun (or even just how Paladins operate in the DnD setting with their Deity.). However, Arcann and Vailyn have obviously just been Sith which is in line with Valkie warning you that they are such a danger to Zakuul and the galaxy as a whole because of their complete lack of discipline and control, and Satele and Marr keep talking about a new path they are discovering but give you absolutely nothing to back it up with. I would go as far as to say Visions was just another Light/Dark Side chapter. Nothing in it felt like you were following a different path than what's been presented as the Force. And then you have the Scions, who they tried to make as yet another Voss-like Grey mystic path, who have been in the background the entire time. At least Senya lets you know that unlike the Voss (or what the Voss claim) that their visions aren't always foolproof, and the fact the Scions don't accept this is their biggest weakness.

Yeah, I can just talk in circles over and over about this, but I need to see the end of it to be able to see if it was going somewhere good, or if it was like Lost and was off the rails pretty much from the beginning.
I like the Knight idea because it gives them an easy way to be somewhat netural without resorting to the "GREY IS PERFECT" motif you sometimes saw in the old EU or terrible fan fictions. They even acknowledge it has weaknesses in the second chapter. But I agree this new path thing is confusing and very...cobbled together. This is a problem I noticed in the EU is that when someone tries to introduce a new of using the force that isn't light or dark side, its ham fisted in and presented as a "superior" way of using The Force when Star Wars from the start has always been a space opera about Good vs Evil and Light Vs Dark.