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One concern that I have is that it seems this is opening up a way for people to "grief" each other by intentionally trying to log into someone else's account and failing a number of times, resulting in the account getting locked out. Currently, the only way to re-enable the account is to call customer service.

I, personally, don't want to have to call customer service to get my account re-enabled over and over again if someone decides they want to pick on me. That would be enough to make me not want to play this game anymore.

Are there any plans to address this scenario?
This actually doesn't happen and I know that for a fact. I once had to log in to my girlfriend's son's account who lives in another state with his father. Since I was logging in from a different location than where he normally logs in I was prompted to answer a security question. Neither me nor my gf were able to guess his answer so after 3 or 4 tries his account was locked. Now, he could still log in from home just fine but I wasn't able to here even after he told me the answer to the question.