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01.26.2017 , 08:48 PM | #30

From: Malavai Quinn
Subject: I remain your loyal servant

My lord, it’s likely I’m prattling to no one. Still, I had to send something.

You’re not one for minced words, so I’ll be blunt: The Empire needs you. More than that–I need you. Discord reigns in Dromund Kaas. Without your leadership, the crew disbanded, and I have received little assistance from the Dark Council or Imperial military. No one will grant me an audience, much less answer my inquiries.

I should have come with you aboard Darth Marr’s ship–stood in my rightful place by your side. I know I’ve made mistakes, but I thought I had a lifetime to make up for my betrayal. Now I’m faced with the possibility of never seeing you again… and it makes me ill. I cannot accept it.

The shame of my past actions and my love for you will fuel me for eternity. No matter what anyone says–I know you’re alive, and I will find you. Even if it kills me.

My main gets her husband back and I echo wanting the same VA but it's Quinn... will write full coherent explanation as to why this is so good but for now... this thread is for Quinnmancers- and I get Quinn again!!!

Come to the dark side, where you get cookies and so do I.