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You seem bent on complaining at any sort of fee being charged for anything. As I said, plenty of other MMOs not only do this, but it's not the cause of a small nuclear outcry when they do (and note that TOR hasn't yet stated as to what will be charged for, so not only is it an outcry but an unfounded one). I am intrigued at the odd standards being applied. They have indicated they're providing transfers to sort out population (note: population, not 'I rolled on the wrong server') for free.

Even WoW charges $25 for a transfer. Why should TOR do differently? What is in their interests to do so? They're doing these ones for free as it is. Why should every transfer be free? What sort of carnage might that inflict?
I don't know where you get that I'm "bent on complaining at any sort of fee" because I've only lamented one. This one. Hypothetical for you:

I paid $60 for a box and $75 for five months of play. I've been active in the game, but the population on my server has declined rapidly as subscriptions dropped off. My in-game experience is very much suffering because of this. As it turns out, some of the most populated servers in the game--the servers people rushed to in the face of the population decline--happen to be cross-typed to my own. Despite that those other servers (PvE) aren't of the same type as my home server (PvP), I rolled characters on one because the added population made my own play style significantly more enjoyable--just because of the booming population. Now on this new server I'm finding groups easier, queues are much shorter, and I'm just generally happier as I wait for the opportunity to move the rest of my leveled toons over.

The population woes are not my fault. My home server was rated "Heavy" during early access. There was no indication that I would someday suffer my way through population decline to the levels the game is currently facing.

Given all of this, am I supposed to be happy that I can't do this type of transfer? Am I supposed to be excited for an uncertain future where I might be allowed to make this cross-type transfer or that I may be charged for the privilege? Am I supposed to be pleased that the effort I spent on my new characters, which are considerably lower-leveled and geared than my original toons, was for naught?

It's arbitrary and it's a money grab.
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