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Snufff, got 1600 ship comms today from a single match... avarage is about 700+. The daily bonus is peanuts. 3 ships would be about 3 matches. And those 3 matches would improve your skill as well.
And as mentioned P2W means you have to pay for items to win, and if you don't pay you don't get said items. AFAIK all actual effect items can be purchased with ship comms.
You can buy yourself lvl 7 space gear, but that doesn't mean the shooter will eat you up without expertise. Likewise here, stats are a lot less important if the battles are more player accuracy and awareness based than skill based like TOR ground battles.

I hope that new CC will sell alluminium foil hats... then you're forced to buy there XD

And to answer the question, I do think it requires you to be in the 'green stuff around your ship' zone. Hence never ever getting the 1 minute or 4 minute defending achievements, since I would be a pretty lousy defender if I got those...
1600 in one match, whow!!! Man you must be spectacular!
Now go convert that using your CC, oh wait? You need to buy more CC?