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Please explain to me 1) how one ship is substantially better than another of the same class and 2) how this complaint applies at all beyond the initial 10,000 Fleet Req anyway (since only Scout and Strikers ships have 'upgrades').

On top of this, the standard for 'P2W' has been, for many years, advantages given to players that pay cash that are unavailable to players who do not. Speeding through content, temporary boosts and cosmetics have been left out of that because while they allow players to pay to move faster, the players experience no more content by paying than any other.

Yet another thread of people failing to understand the concept of pay-to-win because they feel they deserve to have things handed to them. The same kind of people that get welfare and food stamps but refuse to actually look for work.
Well for starters the republic scout CC fighter has a weapons booster , 10% stat buff for 6 secs I think.? Hell of a lot better weapons system with seeker launcher, the generic scouts are much weaker but can be very affective with speed skilling.
If you've spent your monthly CC and want the scout ships you have to either wait for your sub to re-new or, (guess what) buy more coins. Killing people faster and effectively is the "content" you get, at least til february.

To answer your next paragraph; you still need to have CC coins to transfer Ship req and upgrade skill trees. The more CC you have and of course the more you play the faster you can out level someone on the battlefield giving yourself a huge advantage (and yes the advantages are significant, I don't care what the leet crews say) we wouldn't have a skill system(tree) if they were non- relevant. , if you have no CC then (guess what) you have to buy more coins. So if you have CC built up you can jump ahead of people. P2W right? After you've bought a scout or two and stuck at tier 3 skills on your fighters that fleet req starts to look real tempting right? You'll need to purchase more coins if you want to transfer.

Well, yet another post with someone with unlimited credit card numbers at their disposal so when they spent 480CC on scout unlock from last weeks sub gift they can just swipe the ol card for some more to buy the next ship, and the next ship, and the next......... or you could just be really awesome and knock out 2k fleet req a day doing missions and be happy, unfortunately most P2W people prefer to take the easy road.