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When I see opponents with a lot of ships I expect easy win. And it always like that. Best players at my server are focused on one ship.
Even if you only fly one ship, having the other ships open gives you bonus ship req on them when you complete the daily and weekly, and you can convert that ship req to fleet req to upgrade the one ship you fly. That's the thing, you get an advantage just for owning, and never flying, additional ships (if you are willing to spend the CC to convert the free req to fleet req).

So, let's say you own 3 ships. When you do the daily, you get 750 on each ship. Or, 2,250 fleet req after you convert it. If you own 7 ships, you get 5,250 fleet req you can still spend on the one ship you fly. I think the weekly grants you 2,500 per ship? So that's 7,500 for 3 ships or 17,500 for 7. So, each week, you can gain 23,250 fleet req with the 3 ships, or 54,250 for 7 ships. Almost double. Now, this is only on the daily/weeky missions. You also will earn req by flying. And, if you fly more than one ship using the 2x bonus req of each ship, you can obviously earn a lot more to put toward your favorite ship and master it up even faster. But, the math above works even if you assume you ever only fly one ship. You can almost double the money you get to spend on your one ship by merely owning and not flying all the other ships and converting the ship req you earn on them by default into fleet req.

So, is that pay2win? I'm not sure. But, it's at least something close to it. It's "pay 2 get ahead a lot faster" if nothing else. Now, others will catch up eventually, but, isn't that probably the case in any pay2win situation? I think you have to define what pay2win actually means first. Because, some people just say "well, you still have to have some skill, the upgrades just give an advantage" - well, yes. But, isn't that true with any pay2win system? You still have to have some level of competency to win. You're just buying the ability to make it easier to win.

In the situation I outlined above, you can pay to upgrade and master your ship much faster if you spend CC's. So, given two pilots of equal skill, but one has spent CC's to upgrade and master his ship, and the other hasn't, the one that has paid should win. Is that pay 2 win? Maybe, maybe not. But, we can certainly say it's not just a cosmetic purchase or leveling boost, which is mostly what the cartel market has consisted of until now. It is something new, that does merit some discussion.