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The Agent actually works pretty good I found with the KOTFE/KOTET stuff, due to the unusual Agent things and companions.

Honestly Chapter 12 is the only one that is a bit "Meh" as far as I'm concerned.

Each to their own really, best bet is to do it on both and make up your own mind
I agree, although each time I play it on a new character I *listen* HARD to what Satele and Marr say, as well as what V says, and I'm forming a progressively more positive attitude to Chapter XII on an NFU. It *does* work, and it was constructed and written to work. I'd go so far as to say that if a particular player finds that it doesn't work, it's probably because he isn't paying attention to what's said, and is basing his conclusion on a pre-conceived notion of what FU vs NFU means, and a notion that's in direct contradiction of a number of events in the base class story, even.

And the Agent thing is good, partly because they did Kaliyo's return correctly for a romancer - it is unique in a way that only Kaliyo could make it. I just wish I had picked Sniper rather than Operative for that guy.
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