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I think haters gonna hate and that Jedi fanboys need to chill.

I've played the expansions with both an Agent and BH and I found it more enjoyable than with either JK or JC. The Agent and BH have far more of their companions return than other classes and (no spoilers) it is obvious that pains were taken to make the one-size-fits-none story appropriate for them. I still haven't played through with the trooper or smuggler, but I can see how they'd be fun.

You may have to suspend your disbelief during some of the major boss battles, but your character is rarely alone so the tired "force users would rotfl-stomp ANY non force user" line shouldn't be a deterrent.
There are two other Force-using classes out there, too...the Warrior and Inquisitor play quite nicely with the expansion story-content. My "canon" Outlander is an Inquisitor. I don't get why so many seem to think the story only works with the Knight, when any of the Force users fit.

That being said, the non-Force-using classes just don't jive right for me as an Outlander. Like why would Vitiatorian even give two poops about some random Smuggler dood. Or Arcann talking to you like you're an equal when you know he would be like "You're beneath me...I flick you like the bug you are."
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