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I think it is high time for new appearance customization options, because it's been ages since we got the last bundle. While Humans and Cyborgs have quite a lot of slider options to choose from, there are still races that have a woefully lacking amount of appearance options to choose from. The most glaring of these are in my opinion the Twi'lek facial designs.

While Twi'lek female characters have a slightly bigger variety in facial designs, for the male Twi'lek this is absolutely not the case. You have 3 ethnicities and there is barely any difference between the facial designs in each ethnicity group. In this case, I'd say: port over the Human faces to the Twi'lek as well. Every other species except the Cathar have access to the Human faces, so I'd say let the Twi'lek have them as well. While entirely new facial designs would be epic (including for all the other species), it is understandable that there are budget and time constraints, so a port would suffice.

But I also think we should have a lot more appearance customization options in general. Throw in a pack with exotic skin colours for humans, like green, pink, pale white, blue etc etc, so we can finally toy around with near-human species like the Zeltron or the Pantorans. Add new skin colours to the other species, like purple for the Twi'lek. Extend the yellow Sith eye colour to other species as well, new hair colours, hair styles, I can go on and on, but it all comes down to one single point:

Please give us new appearance customization options!
More customization is always better