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I'm wondering with the new level cap that is to be introduced is it time to say goodbye to cxp or will you have to complete the 300 levels within it before you get to tackle level 71 like an almighty speed bump on your road to leveling up?
My hunch is they retool the CXP system to sync with the new level cap. So instead of 230/236/242/248 gear it’ll become 258/262/266/270 gear. Once they got the bugs worked out by having the means to convert unwanted drops into currency to buy things you did want, the CXP system was actually reasonably solid for an endgame gearing system that allows everyone to eventually gain BiS gear by various means.

This may involve resetting all Command Ranks back to 0 though (since the new tier-1 drops will actually be better than the current tier-4 drops) and converting ICs to a new currency type to prevent instant BiS gearing (ex. shortly before Ossus came out I used a huge quantity of UCs I had banked to just buy a 248 mainhand for a fresh 70 toon... they really don’t want people to snag the new BiS gear on the first hour of the expansion simply by having a bunch of resources banked from old content), but that’s been the case with pretty much every level-cap increase so no reason to think it’d be any different this time.

My expectation is that they’ll keep the basic command tokens as is so people can easily buy in on the new tier-1 gear and then have a new currency in place of UCs that drops from disintegrating the command crate drop items so you can buy up the higher tier items you don’t get as drops.