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Build up Supercharge and then use Power Shot and Unload to kill stuff (iirc SuperCharge reduces their heat cost to 0)
Having rolled a lil' baby-HealMerc recently (Awwww, he's so cute ), I can corroborate: ^^This!^^

Incredibly useful and helpful. (It's very easy to overheat otherwise at low levels.)

Mako can DPS surprisingly well, too: Order her to attack first manually, and she'll always open with her big DoT, which immediately makes the target vulnerable to RailShot.

So, the fight (assuming Strong-or-higher primary --this is how I've been doing it, YMMV):

Build up SCG ---> Order Mako to attack primary ---> Explosive Dart---> Railshot ---> SCG ---> Kolto Missile for the shield on both of you ---> Unload + PowerShots until SCG expires ---> Rapid Shots to build SCG back up (with Rapid Scan for its charges as well if you've low heat and need a heal).

Yes, the "real" fights will take longer --although up till about level 20-ish, it makes little real difference, IME-- because you'll have to use Rapid Shots a lot more to keep from over-heating if you're also using your heals (which you should almost never need on trash).

But the upside is that you should never, ever die, unless you've bitten off waaaaaaaaay more than any solo player/companion can chew anyway, or if things go really badly pear-shaped (Example: Sudden lag-spike to 10k ping whilst trying to solo the local Champion).
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