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I've leveled all my healers as healers. I feel it gives me a better handle on healing mechanics for those classes. And I don't have to spend the five minutes rearranging my quickbars after a respec, so, you know, that saves a bit of time.

The only healing class I haven't yet taken to 55 is merc, which I'm doing right now. I plan on leveling this guy as a healer too, despite having Mako as a comp right now. She seems to toss in some decent dps now and then, too. Yes, specing DPS would probably get me leveled a bit faster, but generally I'm at least 2-3 levels above the current class content, and well-geared, given that it's so quick to get a flashpoint queue pop for a healer. With the level advantage, dps'ing even as a healer becomes pretty easy. And with Mako healing me, I can just roll from one mob to the next without any downtime for recharge/reload.

I also pvp and play gsf, so all that extra XP makes it super easy to level.

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