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I can already see his DPS loss. It's his rotation.

MM rotation should be as follows, Cover > Shatter Shot > Snipe > FT > Snipe > Snipe > FT > Shatter Shot > Ambush > FT > SoS > FT > Sniper Volley > SoS > FT > OS > Shatter Shot > Orbital > Dart > EP > Repeat (dont get out of cover unless you need to move) It's the most efficent for getting your FT procs and it uses Sniper Volley to get out 1 more FT and SoS. Try running that rotation and see what your DPS is. It should hover around about 1.5k to 1.7k
I notice a few things about your post. First of all OS is Orbital strike in my knowledge, but you wrote orbital 2 skills further. So what do you mean?
Second thing is you use in ~20 seconds 3 times shatter shot. That is a dps loss + a waste of energy. The armor debuff lasts 45 seconds.
Besides I only see a rotation with sniper volley. So an addition to your rotation. One without sniper volley.
Snipe -> snipe -> FT -> ambush -> FT -> CD -> SoS -> FT -> repeat either rotation with SV and OS or this one.

Like said before, don't use insta snipe during rotation. You're still using one GCD and you are wasting some time by uncover and re-cover. Rotation in general looks like the one paowee (bet I misspelled his name) or samuel (same story) posted. Which is a good rotation.
Try to squish in as much attacks as possible and check your connection (can also kill dps). Insta snipe + to long wait times + connection can be the cause.
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