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Returning to your original question:

I would say that the question is largely meaningless. From a point of view of someone trying to run the Op, only the current mechanics at the chosen difficulty can possibly matter, but that is inevitably down to a question of gameplay rather than lore.
Gameplay can, and sometimes, do dictate lore. And more often than people think.

Case in point: for 3.0-era and earlier FPs, MM is considered canon because bonus bosses, some of which are available only in MM, are, canonically speaking, killed.

If the same logic applied to TfB and SnV, then TfB was canonically run in 16-man HM because the Dreadful Entity is assumed killed, and SnV, in 16-man NiM because the Hateful Entity is assumed killed. If we accept these two bosses as dead for canon purposes, that is.

And then, if recurring bosses were fought in the same difficulty from an op to another for canonicity purposes, then DF/DP would both have been run in NiM for canon purposes, and EC, in HM.

But I have some reservations with the above analysis, which does not address EV, KP, ToS, Rav, Gods, Dxun, nor the one-boss ops.

What about from a lore point of view, then? Ultimately all the history books would say is "there was a big fight and the intruders defeated the Dread Masters" or whatever, even without the variability (across different versions and different difficulties) of the mechanics. What is "the lore" if it is not just an unusually elaborate and detailed history book?
Maybe detailed and elaborate enough for the actual abilities of the antagonists to be described in some detail (whether lore is detailed enough about abilities to reach the level of detail of a proper intelligence report or not is another issue) in which case mechanics do matter from a lore perspective.
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