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09.27.2017 , 03:07 PM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by PrometheanDeath View Post
Sorry, but there is no buff located in this. This is the results of the changes:

Increase the healing to kolto infusion by 45%, not sure if it affects the HoT version in the Curative agent, or if so, how spread out the percentage is to the burst and HoT portions.
-15% critical chance to diagnostic scan
-20% critical heal bonus of surgical probe
-10% critical heal bonus to Kolto injection and kolto infusion
-5% healing from recuperative nanotech
-5% healing from surgical probe
-20% chance to gain a tactical advantage (Now 10%)

There is no buff to our burst except in the process yet again, you nerf the critical healing of the burst move you tried to buff. Don't see how your delayed changes made anything better than make sorcs and mercs more responsive to burst damage over operatives.
This guy gets it. ^^^

They nerf all burst abilties and act like they fix operative burst with a increase to kolto infusion(which is also nerfed in the process).