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03.17.2020 , 10:00 AM | #214
Update! Been awhile. Hope everyone is staying safe from the virus.

Our teams are still going strong. A lot of them have been doing HM raids like TOS, Rav, Gods and Mono and Dxun special cheevos and have had great success. Planning to move back to NIMs soon, some teams never left NIM and are still doing well even without the stacks!

That said we have several positions open on a few of our teams. We are currently looking for one Healer, several DPS and we are always looking for skilled tanks! Even if we don't have a spot for you in a team right now we are also looking to expand our number of raiders and might form more teams in the future! Looking for anyone with a bit of NIM exp. DM me on discord Moka#2763 (capital M matters)

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