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04.18.2012 , 01:24 AM | #340
we agree that old school healing is nostalgic and yeah, takes some skill.
we agree mouseover healing is convenient and we cut down on the number of keypresses.
we agree devs stated mouseover macros aren't real macros.

when i started healing swtor i keybound my heals. healing went like this: click the nameplate with my mouse, hit the 'E' key with my left hand.
then i bought a razor naga hex. 6 buttons under my thumb. it comes preset to num 1-6. easy right? i rebound my heals to 1-6. my healing was : left click the frames, click the side button with my thumb, or left hand E. easier?

How bad would it be if i wrote little macros like these:
button 1 macro: left click down, left click up, delay .020, keypress 1 down, keypress 1 up