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How it this any different than having a Razor Naga mouse with 14 additional mouse buttons? Left click on the frame, thumb button your heal. Either way, it's 1-handed healing.

The whole charm of clicking then healing is mistargeting? Really? In that case, I guess we should remove tab targeting from the game and force DPS to click on their desired target and also make them lose their target after every ability used. That would introduce the charm of mistargeting to DPS; sounds charming, right?

Cause auto-targeting is really what people are asking for, amirite? Hell, I'm sure most people in support of mouseover healing would be against auto-targeting. That would be the most boring gameplay I could ever imagine...

There's no reason why click-to-cast has to be designed through macros. There could easily be a feature within the UI to toggle click-to-cast for individual abilities on the action bar, no macros required.


Yeah, I responded to an old post, but this post annoyed me each time I opened this thread.
You don't lose your target after every cast. You just have to select another player from your ops list or party list and cast on them if they need a heal. And when you are healing in a group you have a list of players you can click on. When you are DPS and there are 20 creatures surrounding you good luck trying to find out which one has the lowest health so you don't split the DPS. Try tab targeting players and healing at the same time.

I get that Mouse over healing would be great for healers because it makes their lives easier, but this is not a necessity. All it does it save you from clicking every 2 seconds and your finger getting burnt out from clicking so much.

Don't get me wrong this is something I would like to see down the line, but I think there are way more important things they need fix and update before they even touch on this subject.
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