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I would like to point out that the Dev's during the Guild Summit did talk about Mouseover healing and it is something that is in the works and they are planning on implementing. There is no ETA on it - but the point is that they are working on it, just be patient.

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yeah, while i am not against mouseover healing there are much more pressing matters regarding healing that imo need to be addressed first before spending manpower on that.

things like UI displaying time left for buffs/debuffs as something actual easily readable.
UI displaying which debuffs are cleansable and which are not
healer imbalances
That's why I play Massively Solo! It is too painful to heal and that is my preferred role in a group. So I've been levelling alts waiting to see what shakes down the road. But to be honest, I'm running out of classes and I will soon be bored to tears! Too bad! This game had potential!
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