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11.22.2018 , 06:38 PM | #116
Quote: Originally Posted by Talon_strikes View Post
Expertise needs to come back. RNG gearing has to go. We need more class balance to change the current 2+ year old meta.

We also need new expansion-sized PvP and PvE content that'll justify this seemingly months-long new gear grind, but we know that'll never happen so this upcoming gear grind needs to be canceled.

I highly doubt anything I've said will come to fruition, though. EAware is their own worst enemy when it comes to the development of this game.
Couldn’t agree more.

This is EAware opening presents at Christmas - gets a new blaster and automatically blows off a foot to see it will grow back next year.
Then EAwares birthday comes around and they get a new light sabre and automatically cut of the other leg because their other foot had not grown back yet.
The following year EAware ask Santa for a new foot, hand and leg - Santa sends them another blaster (Santa is a sadist)