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05.17.2020 , 11:58 AM | #1
Hey guys!

Ill be honest here and i know this might not be the right forum but F*** it ill come straight out with it and say it i'm looking to start a guild up and need help from people but... yeah there's that but.... im looking to do a mature players guild i say mature lol ... im 34 ssssooo.. but yeah im sick and tired of joining guilds who say we have this , this and this... but then when u join its all lies they never promote players... or their leaders are inactive and it turns out a whole waste of bloody time ... guys seriously why do that. OK part rant out the way. But hear me out i want to make a guild and im willing to put the time and effort into it to get the guild HQ i already got loads of bits ready to donate for it and willing to pay to get the HQ and expand further i just want help from the good people of the community to help me out if your intrested PM me in game my char name is MarraStar. Hope you guys can help also to expands on some details im not a GM to sit back on promotion on players that are active or want to help either via creds of furniture donation. Also inactive players would get booted or demoted but also weekly meetings where possible knowing people's time zones i can also get a website set if required. I can also take tips in what people want to see or put their own input to it to make the guild a good community base ..... sorry for all the text guys ! but hey let me know!