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That is wrong. For example when a 4 DPS vs. 4 DPS match starts it will pair up players with similar ELO and put them against each other. Very often you see something like: 1500, 1300, 950, 900 vs. 1500, 1300, 950, 900.

Now high ELO players have a high chance to get backfilled when people leave before the timer starts. So let’s say in the above example there is a 1650 ELO Player waiting on fleet, meanwhile the 900 ELO player leaves the match early (lets say because he got trashtalked) and the 1650 player gets the backfill. Now it looks like high elo players get together, because 1650 and 1500 are together in one team and YOU (lets say you‘re the 1300 player in the other team) have to carry 2 bads. This is where the system fails. It doesn’t fail at matchmaking in the first place.
I have one screen to prove you I'm right that high elo players get sorted together against low elo's.
I got countless games like this, getting top 3s in my team against random players. This one for example
shows you the significant rating difference between the two teams.

Yuugi here is 1435, Suriqa is 1656, Xemirrauder is around 1300 and so is the healer.
E'sme who is 1135, Vizik 1207, Xemior 1008 and Fîraksîan 1087.

That scenario happens more often than you think. You basically know your team will win before it starts.

Tell me the machmaking isn't broken now.