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08.19.2019 , 01:56 PM | #1
Hi everyone,

I'd like to share my opinion on the actual rating system and how much it needs to be reworked for season 12.

What bothers me and always did have is the fact that winning an arena gives you LESS rating than when you're losing one. (typically you win 9 elo, you lose 15).
This doesn't make any sense at all and is one of the major issues that makes climbing next to impossible (giving that wintraders and throwers and whatnot are plaguing SR) it's frustrating and this needs to be adressed in the next update.

You have, let's say for example, 1400 rating. You win one arena and it took you everything you had, you did your best as much as your teammates. You earn 9 to 12 pts depending on who you're facing. (I'm not sure about that)

Now the next arena, you end up having people in your team having no clue about what's going on and what to do. They are new, therefore their rating is low. You still did your best but you lose this arena because they lack DPS or HPS or your Tank doesn't guardswap at all. You lose 15 to 20 pts.

Depending on the RNG and your luck, you either lose or win the next, but you'll still end up having less rating than when you started.

Tell me where is the logic in this system? It's a non-rewarding, counter productive, time consumming and unnecessary punishing system. You should actually win MORE rating than you should lose!

I bet this system is one of the main reasons that gave birth to Wintraders, Throwers, Decliners etc.

Please consider reworking the rating system, to make it a bit more rewarding.
You can take other MMORPGs that have ranked PvP arenas and are thriving for example.

(Sorry for the bad english, it's not my primary language.)