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07.15.2015 , 12:08 PM | #28
Half the raid/flashpoint fights (boss and trash) and just about probably over half of all daily missions require use of AOE. I would think having increases to AOE would be a great thing.

As I have said before, Power surge is pretty much useless as the 4 piece for both specs. 5 second CD on a rarely used ability and a utility talent that is 3 times more beneficial makes it even more useless in the set bonus. At least decreasing TPO (or even vent heat) would benefit IO.

It's a slippery slope added something beneficial to both specs when one needs a slight DPS gain (arsenal) and the other needs some love on heat management. That's why I went with the AOE suggestion. Arsenal and IO are currently ok for AOE, not on par with sorc or snipers though. The increased radius and cool down reductions would both come into play more than they do now.