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07.15.2015 , 11:39 AM | #27
survival changes shouldn't be dictated through set bonus. Its only gonna cause grieve to mercs and commandos that don't end up having it in warzones. Focus on what was asked (which seems to be a DPS boost of 5%)

AOE cone increases dont have much use DPS wise except specific parts of specific fights to increase DPS where as the current bonuses are applicable everywhere, anytime.

like others have said, while I use power surge in my dps rotation all the time the 5 second cd reduction is a bit underwhelming.

Idea: Remove the heroic discipline that reduces the CD of power surge and make it something defensive based.
Make the 4 piece reduce the power surge / tech override CD by 15, 20 or even 25 seconds to compensate.

put the concussion missile CD reduction in the IO discipline path somewhere (and arsenal if its really that wanted by arsenal players)

since the discipline change would also affect healer mercs give them a power surge CD reduction as part of one of their discipline paths (warden maybe?)