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07.15.2015 , 06:52 AM | #22
I'd like a set bonus that unlocks more conversation choices and amplifies my story experience.

Now that I got that out of my system, I'd actually like to see a return to the separation of PvE and PvP set bonuses if they can be balanced so a hybrid of the two is not OP. However for this post I will assume they wont be separated. I do like the idea of defensive/ability enhancing set bonuses but then the class is gimped until the player can get 6/7ths of a full set which for some players isn't even a possibility.

I don't mind the set bonuses being "lame" since real balancing should happen around the abilities of the spec not the items you get. Set bonuses that are lessened by a certain ability should be avoided too, like the CD reduction on the instacast being in both an ability and set bonus. I think it would be fine to have the two and six piece remain the same, and change the 4 piece to something along the lines of increasing damage of Power shot/Charged burst or Tracer missile/Grav Round by a moderate amount. This would keep the nature of the spec the same regardless of the set bonus you have (rotation wise), not affect any utilities you may or may not want to take, and keep the set bonus damage increase reasonable.