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All I want is to acquire gear that is BIS for PVP by doing WARZONES, NOT PVE grinds. If that means bringing back pvp gear then so be it. Flame me if you wish but the gearing system just prior to Jedi Under Siege was the best gearing system to date.

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the CXP system was actually reasonably solid for an endgame gearing system that allows everyone to eventually gain BiS gear by various means.
Keyword: WAS

I do NOT wish to obtain PVP gear by doing PVE things.

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Every gear system you implement made it worse than before.
What was wrong with the about the gearing system just prior to Jedi Under Siege??? You could be rewarded for doing content that you personally found satisfying and were not forced to do PVE daily grinds. If anything I think the Ossus grind for gear is the worst system to date.

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Please look at the gearing system in multiple ways. So far in Swtor we had gearing systems from Operations, PVP with expertise, Command Boxes, and now weekly missions. I honestly dont thing any of these ways to get gear is all that bad. The issue is when you only make it one way. I would suggest making every way possible to grind. Does that mean players will get gear faster? Sure but honestly who cares. It might slow down player to only have one system but the trade off is players enjoying the way they acquire gear. I would put in a gearing system that allows top end gear come from operations, pvp, and command crates. If you want to put in a weekly mission to make players go to your new planet that is fine too. But a lot of different ways is the key. Also please dont put in different gear for PVP and PVE. Making players who enjoy both aspects gearing two sets is painful.

Well said Resputin

Also increase frame rate in warzones.