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Sorry for the late reply, I wanted to write earlier xD

What EmilmcUgly said is true in my opinion. People will definitely prefer one ship over the other and be better at the ships they prefer and thus help the team more. Until they are good enough to contribute in most ships. Though I think you will only contribute this way once you have a rough understanding of how stuff works in this game. (Like better at shooting - a scout that can't hit will never be helpfull even if you enjoy it)

So about my personal recommendations for these ships. I won't go into detail about complete builds since you can find some in the forums like here

Components that I would recommend in the beginning since they are rather easy to use and learn are the following:

T2strike (Pike / Quell): With this ship I would go for EMP missile and Cluster Missile in the beginning since they have a rather big firing arc and a fast lock on. Definetly stay with Quick-Charge shield since it is really good these days. Efficient target s also sth I would recommend. With this you can first work on your ability to lock on missiles and once you are good with that you can slowly try to incorporate more and more laser hits in it. Also on a side notice people always try to evade missiles no matter how experienced the attacker is.

T3 Strike (Clarion / Imperium): Later on Remote Slicing is a really good option on this ship. In the beginning I think a combi with Repair Probes, Directionals, Power Dive and Hydrospanner is a good option. This way it can be very tanky and it can heal a lot. Making it easier to work on your survival skills. Options like LLCs and Torps (or maybe EMP) are also good tools.

T1 Bomber Rampart / Razorwire: A good start with this ship is getting seismic mines and interdiction mines, get the upgrades that reduce their Cooldown. Basically you are set with that. The advantage of bombers is that they can do damage via mines / drones that work on autopilot basically. Good option would be Hyperspace beacon to get your teammates close to you and Overcharged Shield or Charged Plating (only if you can reach 99% DR while activating the ability).

T2 Bomber Legion / Warcarrier: Here I would recommend interdiction sentry drone and seeker mines in the beginning. Same as above, except that this bomber is always a welcome sight in TDM if it has a repair drone. Especially if it also refills ammo.

What also might be an idea if you are newer and still struggle with not crashing or engine maneuvers use Charged Plating (Shield active + Armor Component + Crew). It gives you 99% Damage reductiuon. This basically means that when you crash into a surface you don't take damage. The same is true when you use engine maneuvers ;D (You can get the set up on the T2 + 3 Strike and the T1 Bomber). The downside is that this shield is useless against weapons that ignore Damage reduction.

I hope this helps a bit. But the first step in really contributing is getting more familiar with GSF. In my opinion these things can give you a better entry. After you feel comfortable in your skills you should try out the different ships and pic your favorite ;D
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