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Just to chime in.

Ships that I can recommend you in the beginning would be the following:
T2 Strike Fighter Pyke / Quell: With Quick-Charge Shield in F2 (Power to Shields you have really strong shields) and missiles are easier to aim than laser cannons in the beginning.

T3F Clarion / Imperium: This ship can be really difficult to kill with its Repair probes. Though its shields aren't that beginner friendly. CP can be nice but can be basically ignored if your enemy has armor ignore and Directional shields can be quite tricky for new pilots (though quite rewarding once mastered).

T1B Rampart / Razowire: This is the classical bomber for domination normally used with a hyperspace beacon. Like all bomber it is quite slow and clunky and its defenses aren't as good as you might think they are. (less shields than Strike fighters but a bit more hull)

T2B Warcarrier / Legion: Kind of the typical TDM bomber though also used in DOM. Here you have drones that can help and normally repair drones (please go for ammo refill, since it helps a lot of people). Its defenses are even weaker since you have repair drone as a shield which doesn't give you any boni besides a drone that can heal you.
Do you have build recommendations for these ships?