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Just an Idea, How about adding Commandos to the Empire side, maybe the adding Bounty Hunters to the Republic side. Don't have to make a full storyline just a small one like "The Lost Patrol" or "Exiled Mandalores" so long members have active SWTOR account and have a 65 lvl character they play the toon. Same with snipers, smugglers etc... maybe not calling them Bounty Hunter on the Republic Side re-name them Enforcement Agents or Gang Members like the Blacksuns and have Skadge in the storyline. Same with Commandos on the Empire side name them troopers- shock trooper. Have Ruck defect to the imperial side and make into the storyline Just an Idea.
Yea honestly at this point, new classes are not going to happen lol/ They wont even add new species because of the voice acting aspect and because of the "romantic" scenes with companions. I wish they would add more species and let players know that this species cannot partake in the class story and just have subtitles for group content but i doubt that will ever happen. Also because of armor adjustments as well.