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10.21.2019 , 11:14 AM | #1
I haven't played in a while and was catching up today and checking my main character, and instead of all original comps at max influence (I maxed them to 50 at start of KOTFE), I have versions of comps that are no longer at the max influence rank.

I've checked several other characters that had full max rank companions and now have versions of those same companions with minimal rank.

I was also missing companions that I had previously returned through the terminal.

I was able to use the terminal on Odessen to return the missing ones from KOTFE (with the correct max rank), but I don't see any way to get my companions that had max influence returned or the influence restored.

Did Bioware botch something in the past year or two - maybe trying to clean up the mess from KOTFE (I know I had characters that had multiple versions of some comps - now just one - and in typical Bioware fashion, not the one with max rank influence).