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Removing LBLOs does NOT give other (smaller) guilds a chance to compete at conquest. Large guilds will ALWAYS win. They have the numbers, and they have more options to do other things. Between getting CQP just for killing things and missions completions, no smaller guild can compete with a large guild. Even small guilds run LBLOs. This will just make it harder for them to reach their new (higher) yield. A large guild has so much going on, they will still make their yield anyways. So, removing LBLOs will have the opposite effect of what they want, unless they're trying to give people another excuse to quit the game. Between increasing the 50K personal goal and increased guild yield targets and the new gearing system, people are already gonna be quitting.
This is 100% correct. Any time EAWare makes it more difficult to obtain conquest points through any particular method, it hurts everyone across the board. EAWare will also be requiring players to earn a lot more conquest points to get personal rewards in 6.0, from 15k to 50k. This also affects everyone across the board. All players will have to invest a much larger amount of time and effort in making conquest goals, regardless of guild size.

If anything, these changes are going to hurt smaller guilds far more than larger ones. The mega-guilds that currently dominate all the planetary leader boards each week will continue to do so due to sheer force of numbers, while small guilds will have a harder time than ever reaching the Small Yield rewards, cutting them off from the supply of encryptions again and causing even greater frustration in an already dissatisfied player base.
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