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02.05.2012 , 03:26 PM | #45
just another pve terrible marauder that doesn't realize that with gear his class is the most powerful.

Because he has no idea how to play.

BTW, Merc have the same amount of cc we do. More Burst, and more mitigation. I don't see the issue?

The misconception of sorcs do massive damage all comes from wrath and deathfield.

I use it CONSTANTLY when targets are stacked together because its my main dps ability which hits for the same amount on every target it hits. It doesn't crit for massive amounts. But it does do a decent amount of damage.

The class that does the LOWEST burst and single target damage should be doing the MOST overall damage or the class is useless. Grow up, Accept that you aren't very good and Move on. Also, No good sorc goes half lightning, Just to CL. 20% DF and dot crits are much better.