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Saying "May the Force be with you" makes more sense in this context, though. Because Jedi teachings are that everyone is guided by the will of the Force, but saying "May the Force ever serve you" is specifically a reference to Sith training about how to wield the Force.

Anyway, the only really awkward dialogue I remember offhand is when Kothe asks you about Fate while searching for parts to fix the Gravestone. The only options are to disagree with him in a kind of unnecessarily hostile way, or angrily dismiss the question or agree with him in a bizarre line of dialogue that seems like it's out of a comedy. It would really only be fitting for overconfident smugglers.

"Things always seem to go my way, there's really no other explanation." I can't imagine any Jedi would ever say that, except maybe a sarcastic one.

It actually reminds me of a line from Archer. And even he sounded less self absorbed when musing on why things often go his way.
Agreed there! I had the same issue during class convo's with companions. I had my newest Inquisitor marry Revel just because I hated hated hated how mean and awful the no response came off as I'd rather she cheated than be that mean with the no
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