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I meant "let's be realistic" because I am trying to think of the most probable/logical reason for loot crates.

If the worst thing Irving did was GC loot crates, why was the same system put in place for several other EA games? Why do we assume that it was his personal decision? I think he had some control over HOW they were implemented, and I think we can place the blame on him for the game's direction, such as chapter/story focus, and lack of raids.

But as for the last part of your post, I don't care whether you want proofs or not. I'm not here to prove anything to you, nor post for your pleasure. Take what I say or leave it, it doesn't matter in an off topic thread about something we can only speculate about because none of us work for BW or EA.
The orange is why I wouldn't even start to try to blame him for anything. I mean really, who knows except for those close to him and those in charge of making decisions for the game exactly what he had control of.

And for what it's worth, I really enjoy your no-nonsense style of post writing. I can appreciate someone that isn't here for other's amusement. You just put your opinion down no matter how crude and rude and just let the chips fall where they may!

Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
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RNG is counterproductive because it massively increases player dissatisfaction.
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As I detailed in another thread, RNG give the players more control over their gearing.