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That entirely depends, was he a willing pawn of the EA higher ups to come up with something like that, or did he order it himself knowing he wouldn't have to face the community on the way out?

there is being hired to do something and there is doing what you want because you have the power to do that. From the way it was said in that livesteam, it looks more like he wanted to do this and parade it around saying it was the best thing for this game to his paymasters.

unless there is confirmation to the contrary, my opinion is that he wanted to take this direction 100%. i'll be clear here, i don't want yours or anyone elses opinion on the matter, i want a clear confirmation about it from someone official, otherwise this conversation is dead in the water and i'll leave it there.

What is real? like asking what is normal?
All of it is from different points of view and because it all different points of view i don't take any notice of it until those points of view all align as one. basically i'm saying if you got nothing worth saying, no point adding and jumping on that bandwagon sinply because you can.

You point links right to the previous quoted person, get some proof first... and i don't want your opinions.
At best all you have is speculation. All of us for that matter.. all we have is speculation. IMO.. (like it or not) ... that is not enough to pass that sort of judgement.

Shared responsibility is always a part of the job. Even in upper management. Winning a popularity contest is not.

Granted SWTOR did not get into the pickle it's in over night. There were repeated cut backs. Again ... IMO.. the budget and how to direct that was the key. And to be perfectly candid about it ... it's unlikely that anyone outside of those to whom Ben Irving answered to can answer that sort of a question.

For whatever it's worth .. I do understand why you are upset. This game had so much potential. Many have stayed waiting patiently for better content and a genuine demonstration of appreciation to the Star Wars legacy. Many players feel let down and disappointed. Even with the release of JUS and Ossus it was for many still even more disappointment. I don't blame you for the frustration.

I hope this makes sense. Even if it is not the resolution to the problems we face as SWTOR customers.