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SWTOR's strike fighters are so far removed from the iconic designs of X-wings and TIE fighters that I doubt anyone picks them specifically because of vague resemblance. As for new player experience - balance comes ATFER those new players learn how to even fly/do anything.
Hello? Clarion with Quads and Power Dive? Anyway, the flavor text about strikes definitely seems to indicate they're like a space superiority fighter, and the Flashfire design is obviously inspired by A-wings and Delta-2 Aethersprites (the jedi starfighter from AotC).

Regardless, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. I think the balance was so far off, with strikes being basically unusable for 3 years and ten months, that it was a priority. When you have a limited development window to push out an update, whatever it is lets say 200 hours (40 hrs/wk x 5 weeks), and you have two plans, A and B. it takes plan A 180 hours to redo the tutorial. Plan B takes 100 hours to make a new map and 100 hours to make some changes to starfighters and test them with invited players to iron out the bugs. Which plan benefits more players, new and veteran?

Quote: Originally Posted by Pietrastor View Post
You've basically explained/admitted it yourself honestly. GSF doesn't have the learning BASICS. Yes, you're not taught CC, kill order and other important group stuff (which should be part of in-game tutorial as well), but at the very least you're not thrown into operation without even knowing how to move your character or use core skills.
I guess so. Basics is relative. You learn how to move and how to shoot. You can fly to a sat and destroy it. You're told a few things about the UI as well. I outlined several areas where I (presumably) agree with you that could be part of a revamped tutorial. Lets go back to my five week development cycle again. You could have your plan for a revamped tutorial including the examples I made and you quoted, but it takes 180 hours to redo a tutorial. Or, you could take 200 hours and create custom match lobbies so that there could be events; teaching sessions; guild competitions. Which makes more sense, from a standpoint of one developer? I'm not saying Bret is the only person doing anything for GSF, but he's definitely done the lion's share of the design.

I don't know if its 180 hours or 18 hours to do everything Pietrastor wants. If it was low hanging fruit it would have been done already. Biggest bang for the buck. Pick something that can help everyone in some way.

By all means, don't let anyone off the hook. But don't shoot the guy delivering the pizza to you.
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