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no clue what are you disagreeing with as I never made any point/argument about starter ships of any kind
You wrote that ship balance isn't relevant to the new player experience.
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Is this a joke? Balance changes, matchmaking improvements and cross-faction queues are all welcome fixes but they help mostly already existing veteran players rather than new pilots.
Given that strike fighters have a certain iconic appeal, and that the Rycer/Starguard is a starter ship, and that for 3 years and 10 months it was, at best, underpowered, and at worst, an easy kill, improving that ship makes much more of an impact on the new player experience than you admit. People will naturally gravitate toward a ship that has a star warsy feel, and what is more star warsy than hopping into a X-wing or TIE fighter and dogfighting? The closest thing we have in this game to an x-wing is a Strike. If the moment a new player steps into a strike, they are food, well, that's not going to be a good experience. Pretty much every ground class is viable from the get go, especially now that companions can heal from the starting block. That wasn't the case with Strikes until 5.5.

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As for OPS comparsion - OPS players go through massive tutorial of solo play leveling experience, flashpoints, herois and all before they even step a foot inside OPS. This is incomparable to GSF entry/learning curve where players are thrown in... not even knowing how to MOVE/fly their avatars, let alone any deeper understanding of the mechanics. Even with ground PVP players are prepared & taught the core basics the gameplay by the game itself (not 3rd party tutorials). GSF has neary nothing on that front.
Bantha poodoo. You can start with the Esseles/Black Talon Flashpoints on your way from your starter planet to the Fleet. The mechanics are simple, but they are still there, more so than traipsing through the wilds of Korriban or Ord Mantell. I know the learning curve is steep but you underestimate how little the game actually teaches you. The only difference is that the abilities your character has translate directly in FPs, OPs, and ground PvP. That doesn't happen in GSF, for obvious reasons, and that's a big area for improving the tutorial. E.g., someone is trying to lock a missile on you, you need to find cover! Uh oh, the missile has been launched, use your engine ability now! Maybe they could add a visual cue around the ability icon for the engine maneuver like they add the glowing box around ground abilities when you get a proc. I'm not saying there isn't room for improvement. But saying the game teaches you how to use mechanics, how to prioritize adds, when to CC, etc, is incorrect.
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