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I disagree strongly. Having a starter ship that is not only viable, but meta, is very important in improving the experience for new players. Think back to the beginning of the game when a Jedi Knight didn't get a healing companion until the start of Act 2. There's nothing more iconic than the story of a Jedi Knight, and similarly nothing more iconic than this game's equivalent of an x-wing.
no clue what are you disagreeing with as I never made any point/argument about starter ships of any kind

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And, education by fellow players is absolutely essential to improving performance. Look at PUGging operations or even flashpoints. If you take the time to explain the fights to a newbie, doesn't the whole run go smoother? The developers never created a manual for flashpoint bosses or operations bosses the community did. Creating mechanisms for teaching players on a 2v2 setting doesn't absolve the Dev Team from improving the tutorial, but I'd bet Despon or Drako will be able to make a fancy video now with these custom matches that teach players more about GSF than any scripted tutorial could. Direct, personal feedback, real time, is probably more helpful than a tutorial mode. Reading about how to do a surgery is not the same as actually doing the procedure, or performing it on a simulator. Finally, improving a tutorial mode doesn't have benefits to anyone but the new players. Custom match lobbies can be used to educate but also for events or even just for the sake of pvp. Thus, doing the challenge system has wider utility and is, in my opinion, a better investment of limited resources. And, if people are having fun with events, they are more likely to stick around in the game, and in turn, fuel it for the future.
Im not against custom matches or anything, great that they're adding them but it wont change any large scale GSF issues. As for OPS comparsion - OPS players go through massive tutorial of solo play leveling experience, flashpoints, herois and all before they even step a foot inside OPS. This is incomparable to GSF entry/learning curve where players are thrown in... not even knowing how to MOVE/fly their avatars, let alone any deeper understanding of the mechanics. Even with ground PVP players are prepared & taught the core basics the gameplay by the game itself (not 3rd party tutorials). GSF has neary nothing on that front.
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