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so what ur saying is the new armor shown at the end of the 1.2 vid that was a jugg suit, will be marauder? that definetaly looked more like a jugg suit to me.
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Basically all im saying will the new marauder armor have a different design? or is it just gonna be the same with a new color cuz im getting sick of this pvp armor look for marauders,i am real hoping the marauder suit will look like the one shown in the video.
yes, look how it works now ... the jugg and mara gear for pvp look almost identical, the jugg and mara gear for pve look almost identical

this goes for merc/pt, assassin/sorc, and sniper/op as well

unless they specifically state that related ACs will have different armor models in 1.2 it is safe to assume that they will be as much the same as they are right now

which is some very minor textural and color differences ... the general look of the armor is exactly the same

what you see in the video is pretty much exactly what you will see for marauders in 1.2
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