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That's fine as a starting point, but the Dark Side twists your perceptions, what was a reasonable but opposing viewpoint becomes unreasonable the further you go into the Dark Side. Look at Anakin in the Revenge of the Sith, his views are skewed, and as the film progresses they become more so, until any disagreement is answered with anger and perplection.

That is why the Jedi suppress emotion, any strong emotion can lead to a moment of anger, which lead to more moments of anger, and then your corruption.
You're still assuming you can appreciate how a DS character defines right and wrong. My warrior has very real and fundamental ideas what constitutes right and wrong, and it's far removed from anything of the Jedi. She utterly sneers at their perception of correction and propriety, anyway. To her, they're not only wrong, they're the real bad guys. So that the notion one should alter the Empire to suit LS ideals is, to her, morally repugnant.

I just don't eschew the idea darkside is its own moral fabric. That that morality is fundamentally opposite to lightside morality doesn't, imo, change that really.
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