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In fact most people seem to criticize ranked PVP on SWTOR if you read through posts and other social media communication. This supports my own experience which was really bad a few months back.
The vast majority of "criticism" of solo ranked is by people like yourself that don't play solo ranked.

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Everything we discuss here regarding solo ranked is subjective. You agree with that, right? So how can someone's explanation of what they feel or experience be called ignorance or wrong, when it's what they experienced?
This is honestly an incredible few sentences. Of course it's not subjective. You make up fanciful tales of cheating and "toxicity" happening in almost every ranked game, whereas the reality is that those things are very rare. The actual facts have been reported to you by multiple people in this thread, and facts are facts, regardless of your feelings.

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Unless some systemic changes have been made to solo ranked in the past few months, then I feel confident in considering my own past experiences over the years which have shown regression in quality of matches in solo ranked.

I will stand pat that solo ranked is indeed still toxic, full of cheaters, and offers mostly compromised matches that are low quality resulting in the impossibility of the ELO ever reflecting the player's actual skill level let alone place them properly on a BoTB list which is what top titles are made for, to reward the best of the best. Defending the broken ELO system isn't helping the game, trust me.
So even though you now know better, you're going to continue to believe nonsense that isn't true, just because you're too arrogant and stubborn to accept the truth. Got it.

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If someone generally harasses people, then the person is a serial harasser. That ought to be punished. Just because someone picks different targets and targets different people never really setting his/her sights on any individual doesn't absolve them of this bad behavior.
What you're trying to describe isn't harassment. Use a different word.

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If you go to a restaurant and some guy is there yelling at everyone as they walk through the door, insulting them, basically being a jerk you feel he should be allowed to do this due to freedom of speech? I think this is a big problem with online etiquette now.
Someone yelling in a restaurant is disruptive of the function of the restaurant. The content of the speech isn't at issue. They could be yelling the nicest things to people, and they would still be told to stop or leave. Saying mean things to people in solo ranked is not at all disruptive to the game mode, especially because you can ignore people if you want to.

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The fact is, this is a game, not anyone's personal living space, and everyone ought to feel welcomed here free of a "jerk" attacking them verbally. It's not freedom of speech purposefully choosing to cause other people discomfort and unhappiness by using words they may be offended by or upset hearing/reading.
This is *********, to be blunt. Everyone ought to be able to express themselves freely, not be "welcomed here free of a 'jerk' attacking them verbally." If you honestly think it's more important for people to feel welcomed into a happy safe space than people being able to express themselves freely...I really pity you. I've made this suggestion before, but you should really read about why free speech is so important, because you clearly don't get it. Free speech only matters when people say things that you don't agree with or upset you. That is precisely the kind of speech that should be protected for free speech to have any meaning.