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Harassment would mean that the harasser is constantly insulting the same person, not people in general. If a player is repeatedly targeting someone in particular with insults or slurs, either via whisper or in public chat, that's appropriately reportable, though you can just ignore them and easily solve the problem. Such instances of actual harassment are exceedingly rare from my understanding.

If a player is just a jerk to a lot of people in public chat on a regular basis, that's not harassment, and that should not be reportable, because that's just someone talking.

Also, the year is irrelevant. Just because some people have become overly sensitive doesn't mean we should abandon free speech when we have the choice. If anything, it means we should guard it more fiercely.
sorry boss. the year does matter, legally speaking. stuff virtually everyone did in the locker room in 1995 gets you kicked out of school and brought up on civil and criminal charges in 2019. and I don't mean tea bagging someone to haze them. even the verbal stuff will get you and your coach out the door. yes. the year very much does matter. you don't have to like it. nor do I. but try it and see. the powers that be (BW in this case) are far more sensitive to such things (verbal abuse/hazing) than similar companies were in 2009 and 1999. I cannot fathom how you don't feel that palpable shift if you live anywhere in the US. stack on that the nutcases who flip out and go all columbine from the mental abuse, and you have a culture that is now extremely sensitive to verbal harassment.

as for what constitutes it? hey man. we're gonna have to agree to disagree, but calling someone a sh**ter once is like ok. you're heated. doing it again...and again...and again. and carrying it into fleet. that's harassment. I don't care that all you're saying is the other guy sucks. you're piling on and fomenting a mob of ppl who will then jump on the pile. I watched hit happen with that sh*t killsbad (not real name) guild. and that scrawny little pissant is damn lucky quite a few ppl don't know where he lives or who he is. and yeah. that's how it happens.