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You can't jump into the thread adding troll remarks, then jump out and back in and play the victim to "toxic passive aggressiveness" and expect people to not respond accordingly.

It's nothing personal, but when you do the exact same thing as me, I just can't help but think to myself, "pot meet kettle." You literally typed troll posts, then 3 pages later are decrying I am writing troll posts, lol. You know what they say about the kitchen, right?

I told you honestly I take nothing personal on these forums, and i honestly feel that you have the capacity to add posts worth reading but in this thread you have had your fun and that's ok, too. Just don't expect to eat your cake and have it too.

Your other point I think is interesting. You view people expressing their opinions on the forums as a "problem" because you feel their opinion means nothing and that's actually the problem here. Aren't we all expressing our own individual thoughts here, and isn't it natural to disagree or think others are wrong?

I view it as normal and part of discussions... That's how you avoid "consensus bubbles" as you call it, by thinking and reading thoughts and ideas on the same topic by other people.

Whether we think it's true, real, accurate or not, it's up to the consuming reader to cross reference information, and if possible experience what is being discussed for themselves to come to their own conclusions.

As for 2.0-3.0, I had more fun during that time in regs, in lowbies, in ranked, the game as a whole was more enjoyable then. Lowbies was actually thriving then. Ranked had trash talkers, but I did not run into overwhelming amounts of match droppers while finding it impossible to get a string of good games together, which is what happened months ago while playing solo ranked.

Is ranked better now, at this very second? Some say yes, others no... You say yes. Not everyone says yes, though. I will go with my past experience, even when told by Jedi Al my experience was a complete aberration and totally not a true reflection of ranked games during that period of time, but what should I go on? My personal experience, or what another gamer tells me I ought to have experienced?

In my book, 7-8 days of participation in a game mode that's wrought with cheaters and compromised games is more than enough for me to drop the game mode and not play it.

I didn't quit solo anked a few months ago because toxic tells or chat upset me, I quit because the toxic mode as a whole with me failing to have fun due to cheaters ruined the matches for me. A week or so of time is plenty of time to determine for me that the mode is/was broken and garbage.

I think this topic for years has been discussed ad nauseum TBH. You know, dead horse beaten. Thing is, ranked as a whole, PVP as whole has grown less and less enjoyable for me. The forums are a place to express this feeling, whether it's agreed upon or not.
The point that has been made, and that I stated in a "troll post" several pages back, is that people that *don't even do ranked* in this current meta are voicing their opinion on how toxic ranked is right now. These folk's opinions should be completely disregarded. Do you believe that an opinion made from complete ignorance is useful to a discussion?

PS - I wasn't thinking of you specifically when I made any posts in this thread until my recent long post, so I think you have a guilty conscience. Though I suppose you may fall into the "category of ignorance" if you haven't done ranked in many months
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